Thursday, July 4, 2013

Post Exam Period


Right after my final paper, I had a sumptious dinner with a few working people @ Fonglye Taiwan Restaurant. It was a nice yumcha session but i wished it could be longer, there's so much more to catch up, but everyone was having a tiring day.


Yumcha with a friend whom i havent sat down and talked to for like ages. I woke up late that day and almost gotta pay a ridiculous sum to the taxi driver. We settled our lunch at Hokkaido Sushi @ One Utama and realized that the menu was exactly the same as Sushi Zanmai. Later on, we went for a movie marathon, thanks to the buy 1 free 1 tgv tickets promotion. RM10 for two movies, definitely worthwhile.


First time having a badminton session with some really crazy people. I guessed everyone had lotsa fun 'zap ball' :D

We had our dinner at a famous Chilli Panmee Restaurant near Taipan.


Recommendation from my Uncle and Aunt who stays at Puchong. A very nice homecook style restaurant. Saw pictures of many famous celebrities patronizing this place such as Lee Chong Wei.


 Met up with these 3 peepo on a hazy day. It was a pretty random meet up especially with the 2 ladies. Awesome camwhoring and crapping session with them.


The random contingent Sing K plan took place when our monster uni movie plan failed T_T

Later on meeting up with the 'kpmg boss' and her leng zai, bubbly colleague, Ah John :D Thanks again for the Moo Cow frozen yogurt treat. 


Spent one whole day with my relatives. Thanks to my uncle for treating me both my lunch and dinner which took place at Fonglye and Esquire respectively. T_T


A short meet up and cyber cafe session with my buddy in the afternoon. Nice catch up and gaming memories.

Yin Wen's belated 22nd celebration at D'italiane, Paradigm. Nice catch up despite many not being able to make it. Cosy and romantic environment, just that the food was kinda pricy.


We're both an otaku for a day in the libary. Exchanging animes. Thanks for sharing your precious collection with me bro :D


My height phobia was once tested again in this Skytrex Adventure where we did all sorts of adrenaline rush challenges along the journey. Definitely worth the RM 51. Thanks to all my friends for helping me up :D

At night i had some nice sushi session with my housemate :D

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Gwiyomi! First post after nearly 2 years

Gwiyomi, which simply means cute in Korean is one of the latest trends that floods many social media sites. Out of boredom, i decided to produce my very own version of Gwiyomi as guys seldom got the guts to act cute. Honestly, i felt very disgusted during the process of recording. Fortunately, it merely took me many 2 attempts to get to this. Not very perfectly filmed but is acceptable gua? Please dear viewers, dont ever share this video due to copyright issues =P. If you want funnier guy versions, can just search on youtube. I would recommend this (the guy version is after the girl version) In a nutshell, I just wanted to prove to my friends that i actually did it. ^^ Good day, hope you guys enjoy viewing.

Monday, August 29, 2011


It's not really a bad thing to be concerned about your love ones and shower them with affection & care. But at times, people tend to go overboard by being unduly/excessively concerned about the people they love. This is prevalent in various relationships, be it, parents to children, bfs to gfs, teachers to students, humans to their pets and vice versa etc.

I am not demanding you to stop caring about me. I just dont want you to control whatever I am doing as it's simply a mere restriction to my freedom.It's nothing but like being locked up in a virtual cage. Imagine people telling you not to do this and not to do that when they dont even have the right to gain control over your life. Being a control freak aint a value destroying way to show how much you love someone.

A guy may care for a girl too much and got easily jealous which would lead to an unhappy ending in pursuit of the girl. A father may control everything his son does and causes retaliation from the son. A teacher may expect too much from her student which eventually demotivates the student.

It's no longer loving the person if you care about the person too much, it will just bring about hatre which results in relationships among people to deteriorate. Sometimes you dont really have to do so much to love someone as in fact they already know.:)

*Jealousy is a way of telling someone that you care for them too much to let them go*

Saturday, April 23, 2011


The month of April is coming to an end and a summary of the memorable moments for the month are as follow: ( as far as I could rememeber)

I pranked people and got pranked by people on April fool day.

Treated a bunch of new frenz some dessert at KTZ.

I visited the new bus station during my journey back to Melaka.

April is a birthday month.Many many April babies!!

April is a shopping month for me. I gotta shop 7 to 8 times with my friends to buy presents for April babies.

I managed to conquer Gunung Angsi despite my fear of heights.

My first time eating and shopping with my new room mate.

Headed to my friend's room to surprise him.

Went Manhatten Fish market 3 times for the month due to some promotion.

Went to try the newly open bubble tea outlet aka CHATIME.

My friend treated me MCD.

Went to Taman Pertanian for the first time and celebrate 3 friends' birthday.

Went Shabu Shabu@OneUtama for the first time.

Had a cold war with a friend

Went Sushi King to eat the RM 2 sushis

Got bitten by a doggie and had injection!

Ate alot alot of Otak otak :D thanks to my friend and got stomache the next day.

Pool with 2 pro high school mate.

My first time seeing a giant tree toppled.

and the lists goes on i supposed :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Gunung Angsi

Gunung Angsi Expedition
Ulu Bendol, Negeri Sembilan
 2011 April 9th – 10th

Day 1, 09th Apr, 2011
08.00 am           Gather Taman Bahagia LRT Station
09.00 am           Depart from Taman Bahagia to Gunung Angsi
10.30 am           Reach Gunung Angsi Car Park
11.00 am           Depart from Gunung Angsi Car Park to G.Angsi Peak
12.00 pm          Reach Check Point I (Last Waterpoint)
                        Lunch Break
01.30 pm          Depart from CP I to Reservoir View
02.15 pm          Reach Reservoir View
03.00 pm          Reach CP II (BD I)
04.00 pm          Reach Gunung Angsi Peak       

Day 2, 10th Apr, 2011
08.00 am           Wake Up / BreakFast
09.30 am           Descent from Gunung Angsi Peak to Camp Botak
11.00 am           Reach Camp Botak
12.30 pm          Reach Kak Lang Waterfall
                        Lunch Break
02.30 am           Depart from Kak Lang to Ulu Bendol
03.30 pm          Reach Ulu Bendol
04.00 pm          Depart From Ulu Bendol
06.00 pm          Reach Taman Bahagia LRT Station

Above is our schedule during the Gunung Angsi trip. I experienced a lot throughout the trip such as:

Carrying a huge backpack weighing around 10 KG and moving against the force of gravity as i
climbed uphill. For first timers like me, it was definitely torturing, plus I didnt go gym or exercised like my friends who went.

Using the mountain water for cooking and washing purposes. Some people  even drank it. I didnt drink though (bought 3 1.5 litres of water in my backpack)  but my group leader told me that mountain water is super nice to drink. :)

I had to pee stressfully at the bushes along the path towards the peak of Gunung Angsi. But frankly you wouldnt be peeing often as the water u drank would be excreted from your body as you perspired. For those who wanna pass motion, they would have to borrow a 'parang' and find a 'safe' spot to dig a hole.

I saw some extraordinary large ants which you could never get to see at your household, it was freaking scary.

I ate just 2 pieces of bread and i really regretted it as your body would be needing plenty of energy as you climb up the slopes

Along the journey up the peak i took extra caution to stay away from centipedes if they appear or snakes. Well too imaginative perhaps. I only managed to see ants and various flying insects. But heard a cacophony of unfathomable sounds made by many species of living things.

Had an awesome view from the peak managed to see my first sunset and sunrise moment. It was also my first time staying overnight in the mountain. Do you know that you can still sms and make calls at the peak? xD
Jumpshot at the peak

Played cards such as chor dai di and monopoly deal there as we got nothing much to do other than those experience members busy seeking means to set up a shelter  for us.

I learnt to set up my first dome with my friends and the guidance of my pro group leader. I had to sleep inside with 2 other friends
Pro group leader at the centre

I lost the mat i borrowed thus i had to sleep under a cushionless surface. It was a rare sleepless night for me.

The weather at the peak was seriously chilling. I was kinda freezing throughout the night. The midnight rain made the surroundings even colder.

The dinner cooked that night was kind of awesome. Too bad i couldnt get to eat much as everyone took as much as they could whilst i merely took one or two rounds. :( I ate with gusto after a long day and really made myself look like some beggar.
Meagre amount of food T_T

The next day we had milo and bread for breakfast. 'The milo tasted like seaweed' ----- a remark from my group mate.

As we descended from the peak, i realized i enjoyed ascending rather than going downhill. Maybe it was because of my phobic towards height. The route was also more challenging as i hardly face much problem other than tiredness when I climbed uphill. There was one point where we had to help ourselve down by clinging on the rope tied by some kind souls. My leg was shaking was i climbed down. Thankfully i mustered some courage coupled with great help by some experienced members i managed to overcome that obstacle :) Thanks guys.

The scary point

I got myself bitten by a dog too. It hurts the leader of the trip told me the dog received immunization injection prior to this so it's safe after applying alcohol and antiseptic to clean the wound.

Normally we would pray hard that it wouldnt rain. Unfortunately, God was against our prayers as we had to trek under the rain. I decided not to put on my raincoat as i couldnt find it from my huge backpack. The pathway was definitely slippery and i fell down at least 3 times. There were several times where I lost my balance. My heart was racing throughout the journey down Gunung Angsi.

One of my group mate was attacked by a leech. That was the only time where i saw leech. One of us took out a lighter to burn its body and put some salt on it after removing it from the girl's skin. Blood flowed out at the next instant from the dead leech's body. A disgusting sight.

The rain spoilt some 'camera worthy' moments as i had to protect my camera from getting wet.

I enjoyed myself throughout this Gunung Angsi expedition albeit suffering most of the times. Those are life long experience where money couldnt buy. And it was also a pleasure to meet some new friends there.
90 percent accounting students

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Unhealthy Day

**OMG it's nearly 10 o'clock**

My first thought when i woke up. I was supposed to have a 9 am class but it seemed that i overslept. I am that kind of person who hates to enter the class when the lesson is halfway through. And so i decided to attend the class during the break knowing that I usually have a 30 minutes break under that lecturer.

It was still early in the morning. As i had not taken my breakfast i decided to join my fren and his roommate for a sumptious MCD breakfast meal@Pyramid. I didnt expect myself for being able to join them as i was supposed to have a class going on. But my mischief overpowered my guai guai self. xD

One of the primary conditions to use the printing voucher is a minimum RM 5 puchase of food and we bought the pancake + hashbrown above which costs RM5++

The RM5 purchase and the printing vouchers entitled us to free large breakfast sets ;) It is certainly a worthwhile promotion. My stomach could last till dinner time that day.

I managed to reach class just in time ( the break was just over and our lecturer just entered) Had a fun audit class today.

Later on,
My another friend suddenly asked me out for dinner at pyramid when we were chatting in msn. She wanted to treat me a meal.

We went Wendy's

Haha. Precisely. That's another fast food outlet at Pyramid. She treated me this:

Super yummy chicken like the one sold at KFC + fries ( i didnt take any pic of the fries ).According to my friend, Wendy's is the healthiest fast food outlets. I doubted coz what i think is all fast food outlets are unhealthy. But considering the fact that she goes out more often than I do, I would just accept it :) Btw thanks alot for your yummy treat k.

Well that marks the end of my most unhealthy day of the month.

Saturday, March 19, 2011