Thursday, July 4, 2013

Post Exam Period


Right after my final paper, I had a sumptious dinner with a few working people @ Fonglye Taiwan Restaurant. It was a nice yumcha session but i wished it could be longer, there's so much more to catch up, but everyone was having a tiring day.


Yumcha with a friend whom i havent sat down and talked to for like ages. I woke up late that day and almost gotta pay a ridiculous sum to the taxi driver. We settled our lunch at Hokkaido Sushi @ One Utama and realized that the menu was exactly the same as Sushi Zanmai. Later on, we went for a movie marathon, thanks to the buy 1 free 1 tgv tickets promotion. RM10 for two movies, definitely worthwhile.


First time having a badminton session with some really crazy people. I guessed everyone had lotsa fun 'zap ball' :D

We had our dinner at a famous Chilli Panmee Restaurant near Taipan.


Recommendation from my Uncle and Aunt who stays at Puchong. A very nice homecook style restaurant. Saw pictures of many famous celebrities patronizing this place such as Lee Chong Wei.


 Met up with these 3 peepo on a hazy day. It was a pretty random meet up especially with the 2 ladies. Awesome camwhoring and crapping session with them.


The random contingent Sing K plan took place when our monster uni movie plan failed T_T

Later on meeting up with the 'kpmg boss' and her leng zai, bubbly colleague, Ah John :D Thanks again for the Moo Cow frozen yogurt treat. 


Spent one whole day with my relatives. Thanks to my uncle for treating me both my lunch and dinner which took place at Fonglye and Esquire respectively. T_T


A short meet up and cyber cafe session with my buddy in the afternoon. Nice catch up and gaming memories.

Yin Wen's belated 22nd celebration at D'italiane, Paradigm. Nice catch up despite many not being able to make it. Cosy and romantic environment, just that the food was kinda pricy.


We're both an otaku for a day in the libary. Exchanging animes. Thanks for sharing your precious collection with me bro :D


My height phobia was once tested again in this Skytrex Adventure where we did all sorts of adrenaline rush challenges along the journey. Definitely worth the RM 51. Thanks to all my friends for helping me up :D

At night i had some nice sushi session with my housemate :D

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